We have Computing lessons every Thursday afternoon


I hope you've all had a lovely, safe summer and are looking forward to learning lots of new Computing skills.

In the first half term, we will begin by looking at what is technology and how do we use it at school, at home and beyond.  How can technology help us?  Could we manage without it?  (That's ahard no from me!).

In the second half term, we will be learning about algorithms.  That's a very long word!  What does it mean and how do we use them?  Of course, we will be asking the Beebots to help us understand this long word.  I just hope they do as they're told.

Computing in Year 2

In Year 2 we use Beebots, iPads and laptops to help us learn about computing.  We use Scratch Jr. on the iPads to learn programming.  We also do LOTS of unplugged learning.

Our Topics in Computing