September Reopening

UPDATE: ALL adults visiting or entering onto the school grounds MUST wear a face covering from Monday 28th September onwards. This is in line with local and government guidance released to The Arches. This must be adhered to at all times whilst on school property. 

UPDATE: ALL children in 1/2W and 1/2R are required to isolate at home for 14 days from Thursday 15th October. Children in these bubbles are not to attend school for the foreseeable future until their isolation period has come to an end. 

In line with government guidance, government fines will implemented if children are not in attendance from Wednesday 2nd September onwards. Further information regarding this wider school reopening can be found within the documents attached below. 

Any family member exhibiting symptoms (raised temperature, loss of taste or smell and/or persistent dry cough) puts the entire family in quarantine for 14 days (please follow government guidelines).

If there is anyone with a pre-existing health condition in your home, you must also take extra precautions (see NHS advice) to keep your family safe and healthy. We would advise, in line with the government, that you and all family members should be exercising 'social distancing' where possible. 

Staff at The Arches have all been working exceedingly hard in readiness for a conditional reopening of school for ALL children on Wednesday 2nd September. We hope that the information below answers all of your questions and will allay all your fears. Here, will be your port of call for any information and guidance regarding this reopening. If there are updates, we will text you with further details. Please also regularly check your emails. 

This conditional reopening applies to all year groups.  All further information can be found in the documents attached below. Please read these documents (in particular, the Conditional Reopening Plan) thoroughly before contacting school with your questions. All of the information you need is outlined in these documents. 

Wednesday 2nd September Conditional Reopening

From 2nd September, The Arches plans to conditionally reopen to ALL year groups. Children will be expected to return to school on this date and government fines will be implemented in due course if children are not in attendance. 

Strict rules and expectations will be in place to ensure government advice is being followed at all times and children and staff are keeping themselves and others as safe as possible. All must adhere to and rules and expectations outlined and promoted by all, these are expected to be followed by everybody. 

Following the school closure period for many, The Arches will be tailoring its curriculum to meet the needs of its children to ensure learning missed is thoroughly recapped, rapidly progressing children to where they need to be. In line with Department for Education guidance, a focus will be placed on looking at previous learning carried out, identifying any potential gaps in an effort to address these and consolidate basic skills, providing children with the knowledge needed to continue to progress further. 

On their return, children are expected to wear their school PE kit instead of traditional school uniform items. Y6 pupils are therefore not required to wear blazers, ties etc. All children are asked to wear PE clothing in an effort to make it easier for parents/carers to regularly wash uniform (ideally, on a daily basis) and for children to avoid the chaotic transition period of changing between PE and in class lessons. No football kits or personal items of sports clothing are to be worn. Strict uniform expectations must be adhered to. Please ensure ALL items of clothing, including coats etc, are named with your child's full name. 

PE uniform includes:

- a purple or white t shirt or polo

- a purple jumper or cardigan

- black leggings, shorts or joggers

- appropriate black footwear (trainers, pumps or plimsoles) 

Your child's bubble

As of Wednesday 2nd September, children's classes will continue to function within a bubble style format as they have been doing during the school closure period. By the end of the Summer term, you should have received further information outlining which class and which bubble your child is in as of September. Details of staff within classes and bubbles should also be within this documentation. To reiterate, ALL children are expected to return to school as of Wednesday 2nd September.

Children and staff will be arriving at and departing from their classroom via the Saughall Road and Carlisle Road entrances. Please only use the main entrance if you are arriving for breakfast club. All children and staff will be remaining only within their bubble, not communicating or socialising with any other bubbles on any occasion. All bubbles will have scheduled slots to play outside and use the toilers. Children will also participate in PE lessons outside within their bubble. 

Please see the bubble map document attached below for further information on September bubbles. 

Life at The Arches now does not look quite like it used to and the presentation of the building and classrooms has changed considerably since the school 'closed' in March. To meet government guidelines, classrooms and communal areas have undergone some drastic changes. Please discuss this with your child to ease some feelings felt on arrival. Examples of some of the appearance of corridors and communal areas can be seen in photos below. 

Saughall Road and Carlisle Road entrances

Please ensure you are always arriving to and departing from school via the entrances outlined for your bubble. PLEASE ENSURE YOU ARRIVE TO AND DEPART FROM SCHOOL WITHIN YOUR ALLOCATED TIME SLOT. This will help us to manage crown control on the premises. This will either be Saughall Road or Carlisle Road. Children are not to arrive via the main entrance unless they are attending breakfast clubThese places must be booked in advance.  A teacher only zone is in place around the external classroom door of each bubble to ensure social distancing is adhered to between parents/carers and teachers. Whilst on the playground, please endeavour to socially distance amongst yourselves too. It's a team effort from us all! Please leave ALL belongings at home (other than a water bottle), including bikes and scooters. 

Corridors and staff room

Up and down the corridors you will see black arrows on the walls. Please travel in the direction of the arrow and stay on the left hand side at all times.

Some rooms are out of bounds. There will be clear 'no entry' signs on these rooms. Please DO NOT go in these rooms.

Outside each room will be a table for that bubble. Here, snack and lunches will be left for that bubble at those times for bubbles to access as well as any paperwork or administration documents for staff for safeguarding and health and safety.

Staff are only able to access the staffroom to make a drink and only one member of staff is allowed in the staff room at a time.

Children will all be provided with their own storage box that will be kept on their desk. This box will contain all of the items needed for their time in school other than their snack and named water bottle which will be brought in from home. No other items are to be brought into school. 

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