Welcome to our class English page! Throughout year 3 we will be looking at a variety of different elements of English outlined in the national curriculum programme of study for year 3. Here you will be able to find a little more out about what we are getting up to in English throughout year 3...

Although a big emphasis is placed on Talk For Writing within English lessons, a variety of linguistic skills are developed alongside the learning of our class text. During English this year, Violet will be exploring homophones, tenses, suffixes, prefixes, conjunctions, fronted adverbials, adverbs and a lot more spelling, punctuation and grammar! As a class, we are always aiming to better our writing skills and are looking forward to incorporating these into our writing. 

Autumn term 1

This half term we are focusing on our Talk for Writing text Silly Billy; a fictional text by Anthony Browne based on a young boy named Billy. Violet will be exploring what Billy gets up to to solve his worries, imitating the text and creating a class story map to do so. Whilst doing this, Violet have explored what makes us worry and how we might feel and look when we are worried. Whilst exploring Silly Billy, Violet have continued to focus on our spelling and punctuation, something we can practise at home! Once the text was learned, Violet innovated and invented the text to change key parts. Over the course of Silly Billy, Violet revelled in learning new linguistic features such as similes and rhyming cuplets and are have loved dipping into this text!

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Non-chronological reports 

Over recent weeks we have analysed non-chronological reports and the features of this unique type of text. After exploring a variety on non-chron reports, Violet set off identifying the key features of this type of text and drafted our very own! Using our recently gained knowledge of Black History Month, Violet continued on our research quest to learn more about slavery, Nelson Mandela and a number of other famous black people who have overcome barriers and ethical discrimination. Once all of our research was complete, Violet started to become report writers using this fountain of newly found knowledge! After editing and drafting, some fantastic final pieces were produced and we can now hope to be experts at non-chronological reports! 

Autumn term 2

Romulus and Remus 

As part of our Romans topic, Violet will be exploring the story of Romulus and Remus as our Talk For Writing text this half term. This text explains the story of the two twin brothers who fought to build their own city and be the ruler of the city Rome.  Whilst exploring this text, Violet will continue to focus on our spelling and punctuation, something we can practise at home! Once the text is learned, Violet will innovate the story and eventually, invent their own version of the text. Using story maps, we will map these stories out to help us remember the sequence before writing our own version as part of our hot task. 

Spring 1

Linking closely to our topic of volcanoes and earthquakes, this term Violet have explored our Pompeii diary entry as the main focus of literacy lessons. This was found in class when an earthquake appeared to have hit our room! Annotating and boxing up this text, Violet have looked at a range of linguistic features such as similes and rhyming cuplets, poetry, diary writing, reccounts and much more! Starting with the orginal, Violet have innovated this diary entry and then invented their own versions as part of their independent hot task. Exploring new topic specific vocabulary and stretching our writing skills, children have thoroughly enjoyed learning about first person, past tense diary writing. We have also written poems and enjoyed extending our writing style. 

Spring 2

After a week or so of following our diary entry unit, Violet LOVED delving into The Black Hat - a literacy shed unit based on a film unit - an interesting change from a worded textual unit! Within this, Violet made predictions, explored prepositional phrases, confidently used figurative writing, edited and improved writing, created character descriptions and wrote setting descriptions. Throughout, Violet focused on upleveling their writing at all times, using expanded noun phrases, fronted adverbials, ambitious adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions and much more - what an improvement seen and what amazing writing written! Well done all!

Summer 1

This term, Violet are extremely excited to be taking part in their first English unit based on a picture book! Written by Aaron Becker, 'Return' is Violet's picture book that will be used as part of this half term's English unit. Within this unit, children will be focusing on accessing a higher level of writing, independently producing high quality pieces for themselves that WOW everyone who reads them. By the end of this unit, Violet will have looked at;

  • setting predictions
  • unfmailiar word definitions (dictionary work)
  • synonyms and antonyms (thesaurus work)
  • word classes
  • comprehension of the text
  • paragraphs
  • prepositional phrases
  • language features
  • similes
  • figurative language
  • setting descriptions
  • tenses

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