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Responses Autumn 2019

What’s good about parents' evening?

  • Enjoy speaking about my child, looking at work and finding out 1st hand what he is like.

  • Comfortable to ask questions, staff are approachable. Flexibility of times.

  • Good to have a catch up with the teacher.

  • Good to hear the full picture about my child and see that they are on track.

  • Always accommodating around work hours. Focus on the positives. Teachers are lovely and welcoming. Love to hear about progress being made. Getting to see work. Hearing the stories about what your child had done – always makes us laugh!

  • Seeing your child’s work and being able to sit and talk with the teacher, raising any concerns.

  • Staff are always on time and very adaptable. Times are given in advance. Staff are friendly and approachable.

  • Knew my child and all the little things that we know. Getting chance to discuss progress. Hearing what to work on. Getting to meet the teacher properly.

  • To find out your child’s progress. Look at your child’s work. Find out if thet are struggling with anything and may need help with at home. Get to know your child’s teacher better. If parents have any issues teachers are there to listen and give advice.

  • Teachers are very welcoming and helpful.

  • Times are well kept to. Information is well explained and easy to understand. Parents evening in classroom is better than in the hall as it is more private and less noisy.

  • I like that you offer evening appointments for parents that work. It is good that we receive termly updates on progress and concerns.

  • Approachable with anything as parents we want to discuss.

  • Finding out how your child is getting on is useful. Time to talk over any concerns you may have. Parents get to know the teachers better.

  • To have a one with my child’s teacher in a relaxed environment is very settling for me. I feel relaxed more that the teacher is honest about how my child is getting on.

  • Relaxed atmosphere. Enthusiasm from teachers. Appointments on time.

  • Hearing how my child is getting on in school. The positive attitude of my child’s teacher.

  • It is a chance to find out how your children are getting on and what we can do as parents to help at home. A chance to discuss progress Teachers will always point out the positive aspects of how your child learns. Can not thank the school enough for the support and the positive guidance it provides my children.

What can we do better…?

  • Possibly have appointments during the school day.

  • Specific activities/tasks for parents to do at home with their child.

  • Always having them in the classroom rather than the hall as it is more private.

  • Nothing! Really good.

  • There isn’t anything – everything seems okay and works well.

  • Tea and coffee.

  • Longer slots as there is a lot to cover in 10 minutes.

  • Perhaps the children could attend the meeting? Especially in Year 5 and 6 as they do in High School?

  • Need to keep the kids quiet in the corridor…

  • Turn the heating down in the classroom!

  • Examples of work. Pictures.

  • I do not feel that there needs to be any improvements. Always come out feeling positive!

Actions from feedback:

  • A movie will be provided in the hall for children to watch, supervised by Teaching Assistants, for the duration of parent/teacher conferences to keep the noise down in the corridor.

  • Year 5 and 6 pupils will be invited to the final parent/teacher conference of the year, if the parent would like this.

  • All parent/teacher conference will be held in classrooms.

  • Tea and coffee will be offered, at a small cost, in the entrance hall.

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