The Friends of the Arches PTA


As a PTA we are passionate about giving back into the school environment, providing resources, events, experiences and making memories that are additional and different that would not be accessible through the schools budget. All of this is only possible because of the continued support from the parents, caregivers and children of our school community. 


This school year we have ran a number of events such as parties, discos, movie nights, Christmas fates and who can forget breakfast with Santa! 

With support from parents & carers we hope to hold one event each half term in the next school term 


How is the money spent?

Each class throughout the school receive a donation from the PTA to spend on something of their choice. This may be an item to enrich the classroom environment, it may go towards a trip, helping to lower the cost to parents. Some classes have spent it on an activity to widen children's knowledge and understanding of the world. It can also be spent on toys and game based on the classes interests for golden time. 

At Christmas time the PTA hosts parties for all classes, providing drinks, snacks and prizes for games. each child also receives a gift from Father Christmas. For Christmas 2016 each child got a book. The Easter Bunny also drops them off a little something around Easter time


With the help of Mrs Bowie the PTA have bought some wonderful new sports equiptment including a junior hockey set, new gym mats, football kits and dodgeballs.Working alongside Mrs White the PTA have bought a large selection of home readers for the school. Covering a wide and varied selection of interests and texts. 

At the end of each school year the PTA send our year sixs off with a small gift to say goodbye and good luck.






We plan to hold many more events this year but we are very dependant on help from parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles....the more help we receive the bigger we can make the events and activities.

If you'd like to attend meetings, help out at events or have any ideas for future events then please get in touch either via twitter, email or via the school office.

Twitter @TheArchesFriends

01244 981744

If you would like to be involved either as a member of the commitee or as a volunteer at events please see Mrs Rumsey or contact the school office.

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