Transition between new classes or schools

Transition to a new school/class can be a particularly anxious time for children and young people with SEND and we aim to provide as successful and smooth transition as possible.

When moving schools we will always contact the new schools SENCo and share information about the type of provision that is required to help your child achieve their learning goals. If appropriate, additional transition visits can be arranged for your child so they can experience their new school at different times of day. This will be arranged in liaison with the new school. All information we have on record will be passed up to the new school even if your child is no longer requiring SEND support.

When moving to a new class in the same school information sharing sessions will take place with the new class teacher. Regular opportunities will be provided in the summer term for your child to meet their new teacher.  In some cases multi-agency meetings may be arranged to create a more detailed transition plan. If a child has an EHC Plan then this will be discussed with the new class teacher before September.