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Welcome to our distance learning page. Here, resources and web links will be uploaded daily and activities within these are expected to be completed on a daily basis. Instructions and expectations will be outlined below. 

All children will be expected to undertake 10-30 minutes of learning on a daily basis, completing curriculum activities outlined on this page each day. In addition, children will be expected to undertake an additional activity of their choice. Please continue to practise your spellings, times tables and phonics. All children will be provided with some learning materials such as books and pencils to aid them in completing these daily activities. Please complete activities in these books and continue to sign your reading log and have an adult do so. 

Hello Indigo class! Below you will find some activities to do each day at home. Keep your brains juicy by doing these but also enjoy doing activities in your home and garden with your immediate family. Missing you all lots. Miss Johnson.

Monday 15th June

Hello all! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. This weekend was my Mum's birthday and my niece's birthday. We managed to pop into their gardens to see them. Ivy loved seeing her cousins. 


This is your computing task from Mrs Johnson this week:

Now that lots of people are all spending more time at home, your bedrooms should be sparkly clean!  If not, maybe you could come up with an algorithm for tidying your room.

This week I thought you would like to share a story with your grown up about algorithms and debugging.  You can download a free copy of The Code Twins eBook here:


When you have read the book, can you design your own robot to help you keep your bedroom tidy?  I would love to see your pictures @ArchesComputing or ljohnson@thearches.cheshire.sch.uk


Today I would like you to watch and do the activity on alphabetical order on https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zxfyjty/articles/zcyfsg8. Then I would like you to write down 10 of your favourite toys or 10 names from your extended family. Could you now put them in alphabetical order? Remember if they both start with the same letter you need to look at the next letter.


Today I have attached a reading comprehension. Reading comprehensions are really important to help us understand what we have read. I always find it useful when reading to stop every page and think have I really understand what I have read? If not, I will read that page again. There are 3 different texts: a story, a poem and information about water. Pick the one you think will interest you the most. If you are feeling up for the challenge, why don't you try all 3? 


Start off today by typing into Google RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR. Set your numbers from 1-100. Generate 15 numbers and each time you do I want you to write what is 10 more than that number. E.g. I generate the number 86. Ten more than 86 is ... 96 because I am just adding on one ten to the tens digit. The ones digit always stays the same. Then I would like you to go onto https://nrich.maths.org/2341/index Look at how many ladybirds each child has got. Then I would like you to make a tally chart or a bar chart to show how many ladybirds each child has got. I have attached an empty bar chart. 

Tuesday 16th June


Today I would like you to do a lesson on alphabetical order again. If you have a dictionary at home, practise finding different words using your alphabetical order to help you find the words. There is a sheet called Tuesdal alphabetical fruit. I have also added this link https://kids.britannica.com/kids/browse/dictionary Have a go at finding out what these words: dell, gravel, newt, bluebell, damp, pale. Take a look next to the word what word category it falls into e.g. noun, adjective or verb.




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