Music Subject Leader: Ged Barry

At the Arches, each class benefits from specialist musical tuition as well as the musical experiences threaded through our rich curriculum.  

The children enjoy various live musical experiences, such as our annual Key Strings visit, as well as taking part in musical celebrations both in and out of school. Furthermore, throughout the year, both key stages partake in musical performances such as the KS2 Christingle performance and the KS1 Christmas performances. Every term, children attend Holy Trinity Church for an end of term service where children perform songs learned that term. 


In Foundation Stage, singing is a very important part of the day. Children use song to learn. Singing helps children to stay calm and express themselves. Singing as part of a group ensures children feel as part of the class and a fun way to learn aspects of the curriculum. In particular, this helps children understand sounds generally but also within speech, further helping them with their speech and language development and skills. 

Children may take part in a number of different musical activities such as nursery rhymes, repeating what the teacher is singing or clapping, exploring instruments and their sounds as well as being able to explore music within child initiated times.

In Foundation Stage we will gather observations around; 

  • Children creating movement in response to music.
  • Children capturing experiences and responses with a range of media, such as music, dance and paint and other materials or words.
  • Children's experience's and expanding their imagination through the provision of pictures, paintings, poems, music, dance and story,

Key Stage One and Two

Throughout classes across both key stages, children engage with the musical curriculum in a variety of ways. Examples of these include;

  • Class singing sessions with our musical practitioner Ged Barry
  • Woodwind lessons with Ged Barry
  • Brass lessons with Tony Bowen-Lewis
  • KS2 and KS1 singing practice with our musical practitioner Ged Barry 
  • Band practice
  • Harvest festival Samba
  • Amasing singing project 
  • Christingle performance
  • Christmas nativities
  • African drumming
  • Key Strings
  • In class music within lessons and curriculum teaching and learning (pitch, tone, rythym, movement etc) 

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